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After an unprecedented period for employers and employees, helping people back into work is going to be a huge part of the rebuilding process as we ease our way out of lockdown and look to the future post-Covid.

Jobseekers will need support in finding new employment and positions which are a good match for them and their employer.

Sector-based Work Academy Programmes (SWAPs) can be a good option for both job seekers and your business.

And the benefits they can bring in the short-term can also have a huge impact on your long-term future.

Most importantly, they help you to create a skilled workforce for your business.

They give you the opportunity to recruit the right calibre of employee and provide speciality training in different sectors such as Care and Customer Service which meet your individual business needs.

A sector-based work academy can last up to six weeks so you’ve got the opportunity to see first-hand what a potential recruit is like and the skills they offer before you take them on them permanently.

There are three main components to SWAPs:

  • Pre-employment training – matched to the needs of your business sector
  • Work experience placement – a great opportunity for your business to identify talent and for the individual to cement their knowledge and understanding of the required role
  • A guaranteed job interview or help with an employer’s recruitment process

Sector-based work academies are designed to meet your specific, immediate and future recruitment and talent needs and there’s no direct cost to you as an employer for running one.

All training and administration costs are covered by government funding.

So see these programmes as a real opportunity to tailor and focus on what you need for your future business success and play a key role in helping people get back on the employment ladder at the same time.

Click here to find out more about the latest SWAPs we are delivering at Coventry College.

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