Sector-Based Work Academy Programmes

Sector-Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAP) enable businesses to create a skilled workforce and also support the unemployed by helping them to re-train and apply for jobs in different sectors.

The programmes are designed to help businesses meet their immediate and future needs and help them to grow by recruiting a workforce with the appropriate skills.

Each SWAP is flexible and they are suitable for young people and jobseekers over 19.

SWAPs are usually six week programmes with three main components:

  • Pre-employment training matched to the needs of your business sector
  • Work experience placement – giving your business the opportunity to identify talent
  • A guaranteed job interview or help with an employer’s recruitment process.

At Coventry College, we are delivering a range of SWAPs to help jobseekers gain experience and skills in different sectors including Care, Customer Service and Business.

As well as work placements, anyone signing up for the programmes will also be expected to attend our College’s City campus.

I really enjoyed the course and would like to thank the College for providing some much needed positivity, joy, openness and diversity through the programme.

I’ve left the college on a high, I’m feeling very good and positive about myself and this just shows you should never think you’re too old to be employed.

I’ve now lined up some voluntary work at an Enterprise Club and I’ve also registered myself online as a volunteer to support and befriend people.

Catherine Yeta, Sector-Based Work Academy Programme in Care

SWAPs can benefit your business by:

  • Fulfilling your recruitment needs
  • Enabling you to spot new talent
  • Identifying skills gaps in your business
  • Providing pre-employment training
  • Developing opportunities for existing employees

Find out more information and guidance for employers about SWAPs.

If you’re an employer interested in a SWAP programme and would like more information about how your business can support it, please contact our Employers team.

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Contact Employers Team