Uniformed Public Services Team Host Exciting Events For Careers Week
April 8, 2024

Uniformed Public Services Team Host Exciting Events For Careers Week

Public Services learners with West Midlands Fire Service

In an effort to inspire and educate students enrolled in the Uniformed Public Services course, staff organised a series of engaging events throughout March, taking Careers Week to a new level.

Coventry College has been working with various branches of the armed forces and emergency services – providing learners with first-hand insights into potential career paths and life experiences in these challenging professions.

One of the most anticipated sessions during Careers Week was the visit from the West Midlands Fire Service, which offered an illuminating talk on the daily life of a firefighter. Students were treated to an up-close look at fire engines and equipment, along with captivating demonstrations of the rigorous physical tests firefighters undergo. This interactive session not only educated students about the responsibilities of the fire service but also showcased the demanding physical aspects of the job.

The involvement of the British Army added a dynamic element to the programme, with soldiers delivering talks and conducting workshops on team-building exercises. These activities aimed to instil essential skills and values required in uniformed services, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the students.

The Royal Air Force (RAF) also played a pivotal role during Careers Week by providing personal development training and workshops. Students benefited from learning about RAF operations and were exposed to the core values and attributes that define successful RAF personnel.

In a captivating twist, an ex-sniper, renowned for achieving the title of the longest sniper shot, paid a visit to the college. This unique session offered an intriguing perspective on the precision and dedication required for such an extraordinary feat. The ex-sniper shared personal anecdotes and insights into the demanding nature of sniper training, leaving students inspired and intrigued by the possibilities within specialised roles.

Commenting on the success of Careers Month, Lizzie Farquhar, Sports and Uniformed Public Service Lecturer at Coventry College, expressed enthusiasm for the impact of these events on student development.

“I was really impressed with all of the Uniformed Protective Service (UPS) external visitors who attended our Career Month at the Alan Higgs Leisure Centre. They offered advise and guidance regarding different career options for our learners and thoroughly explained the application and selection process of each. They provided an insight into their own roles, responsibilities and experiences. They also delivered Team Challenges, Problem Solving, Competitions, Forensic Science etc plus an opportunity to view and try specific equipment. All transferrable personal working skills. It has helped some learners make decisions regarding which UPS they would like to progress to and what they need to do to achieve this.”

“I was particularly proud to meet two former College learners, Fire Fighter Matt Budd (BTEC Level 3 Sport), and Watch Commander Lisa Slevin, (BTEC Level 3 Public Service), who brought along a Fire Engine to help explain the equipment they carry and what it is used for. Both were amazing role models, answering questions about their time at College and their career path since leaving.”

The College’s initiative in organising these interactive events reflects its commitment to preparing students for the challenges and opportunities within uniformed public services. By bringing together professionals from various sectors, Coventry College continues to enrich the educational experience and inspire the next generation of public service leaders. The success of these events underscores the importance of such initiatives in nurturing talent and fostering meaningful connections between education and real-world careers.

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