World’s most popular gaming hobby teaches learners life skills
November 18, 2022

World’s most popular gaming hobby teaches learners life skills

Please note: This article was published on November 18, 2022 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Life Skills learners painting at Warhammer shop

A group of Coventry students have teamed up with the local hub for one of the world’s most popular gaming hobbies to boost their life skills.

Eight students of Coventry College’s Entry Level Life Skills course visited the Warhammer shop in Coventry city centre for a day of confidence and independence-building activities.

The pathway encourages self-assurance and promotes good social skills to prepare students for further study across a variety of subjects.

Warhammer is a miniature multiplayer wargame played internationally by over 10,000 daily users.

With the support of store manager Dave, students were taught how to build and paint the intricately detailed Warhammer models including elves, goblins, ogres, and beasts.

The figurines play an important part in helping players to visualise battles and campaigns, while promoting creativity through customisation, and encouraging interaction with new people.

Entry Level Life Skills student Olivia said: “It was great to try something different and learn some new skills. Although I wasn’t very good at starting with painting the figures, with the staff’s help I was much more confident and am looking forward to trying out Warhammer again.

Dave said: “The students expressed an interest in our line of work and were very engaged in the task.”

“They were able to develop skills in decision making and their attention to detail throughout this project and were a credit to the college throughout their visit.”

The Entry Level Life Skills Course aims to give students the opportunity to engage with a range of activities including art, cooking and music, ending the year with an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and put their new-learnt skills to the test on a residential trip.

Activities are designed to improve students’ maths, English and employability skills whilst gaining life experience through work placements in the local community.

Coventry College tutor Melanie Kemble said:

“The students have gained some great experience and put into practice some of the skills which they have learnt in college with the opportunity to learn something new in an exciting environment.”