Travel and Tourism Students Embark on Educational Adventure in Amsterdam
April 30, 2024

Travel and Tourism Students Embark on Educational Adventure in Amsterdam

Recently, students from Level 3 Travel and Tourism embarked on an exhilarating educational trip to Amsterdam, immersing themselves in the city’s rich culture and history while completing guided tours as part of their qualification.

The journey began with an early start from college as students boarded a coach and ferry for the scenic voyage to the Netherlands. Despite the groggy morning hours, anticipation ran high among the students.

Upon arriving in Amsterdam, the group wasted no time delving into their action-packed itinerary. Day one kicked off with a leisurely river boat cruise along the famous local canals, offering a unique perspective of the city’s iconic architecture. Next on the agenda was a fascinating visit to The Coastal Diamond Factory, where some lucky students had the opportunity to try on a dazzling €80,000 diamond—an unforgettable experience for many budding tourism professionals.

However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly The Amsterdam Lookout, where most students and teachers showcased their bravery by swinging back and forth on Europe’s highest swing, suspended a heart-stopping 100 meters above the bustling cityscape.

The excitement continued into day two with a visit to the renowned Ajax football stadium, providing students with insights into the world of sports tourism. This was followed by a poignant journey to the Anne Frank House, where the group paid tribute to Anne Frank and gained a deeper understanding of the city’s wartime history.

Throughout the trip, students demonstrated their newly acquired skills by acting as tour guides at each attraction, delivering informative and engaging presentations to their peers, a vital component of their assessment.

Of course, no trip to Amsterdam would be complete without indulging in the city’s culinary delights. The group savoured traditional Dutch foods, with special mention of the famous stroopwafels.

Reflecting on their experience, both students and teachers hailed the trip as a fantastic opportunity for personal growth and professional development within the travel and tourism industry. The hands on approach to learning and the chance to explore Amsterdam’s treasures first hand left a lasting impression on everyone involved.

‘It was a pleasure to organise and take 29 of our Level 3 Travel and Tourism students on our recent trip to Amsterdam. Students prepared their detailed tours of the key tourist attractions and delivered excellent presentations as part of their Guided Tour Unit assessment.  A highlight was swinging back and forth at 100m above the city of Amsterdam on Europe’s highest swing, The students’ highlight was the ‘This is Holland’ attraction – a unique 5D flight experience where you fly like a bird over the Netherlands to learn about the country! It was breath-taking. We look forward to planning our  next Travel and Tourism trip” Laura Cooper, Travel and Tourism Lecturer

As the students return home with enriched perspectives and newfound knowledge, they look forward to applying their experiences to future endeavours in the dynamic world of travel and tourism. This unforgettable journey has undoubtedly left an unforgettable mark on their educational journey.