Engineering Students Excel in Work Placement at the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering
May 7, 2024

Engineering Students Excel in Work Placement at the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering

AME Work Experience

Coventry College Engineering students have recently completed a transformative 10-week work placement programme at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (AME).

The partnership between Coventry College and AME provided an invaluable opportunity for budding engineers to gain practical experience in a cutting-edge manufacturing environment.

Throughout the placement, students had the privilege of utilising the state of the art facilities at AME – which is part of Coventry University. They also received expert tutoring from their experienced staff. Course Directors Emma Cygan and Deputy Kam Gill provided hands-on practical experience, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge gained in the classroom at college to real-world engineering challenges, enhancing their skills and confidence in the field.

The 10-week journey culminated in a captivating presentation delivered by the students, showcasing the projects they had been diligently working on during their time at AME. This presentation was attended by esteemed managers from AME and University of Coventry, providing students with a platform to demonstrate their achievements and learnings.

Andrew Schneider, Director of Engineering at Coventry College expressed his gratitude, stating, “The Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering is doing some amazing work to help bridge the gap between the academic world and the world of work.  The City of Coventry is the established centre of Engineering in the UK.  Our collaboration with Coventry University and AME is ensuring there is a joined-up talent pipeline to help meet the skills needs of the region’s Engineering companies.”

AME Presentation

Kam Gill, Deputy Course Director for Manufacturing Engineering at Coventry University added:

“It has been a pleasure to collaborate with Coventry College engineering students on a 10-week work placement program. The opportunity has demonstrated the successful ability of collaboration across the educational and industry sector and further provided a valuable industry insight for students seeking careers in the developing area of manufacturing engineering.”

The successful completion of the work placement program underscores the value of industry placement partnerships, in fostering talent development and bridging the gap between education and industry. Coventry College and AME remain committed to providing opportunities for students to thrive and succeed in the dynamic field of engineering.

Students were able to apply their understanding in a real-world engineering context in order to embed their theoretical knowledge, enhance their personal competences, and develop wider employability skills to enhance capabilities and their confidence in a developing field. Coventry College students were exposed to a range of challenging tasks over the 10-week programme. Students engaged successfully with a range of business and academic individuals which provided a valuable experience within a wider environment. Students demonstrated resilience, team work, organisational and communication skills that can be transferred in a range of careers for their future.