From college to conservatoire
September 10, 2020

From college to conservatoire

Please note: This article was published on September 10, 2020 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Rebecca Nath during stage performance

Rebecca Nath studied a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) and told us how Coventry College has set her up for her position in Plymouth conservatoire.

What made you decide to study dance?

I’ve always had a passion for it from a young age. I was obsessed with wanting to dance like the many dancers I’ve seen on movies and telly, and one day choreograph my own pieces of dance. I want to learn and progress further in my skills, as well as my dance knowledge. To become a better dancer as well as learn to be more confident within my dancing and myself. I’ve also found this to be an opportunity to learn new styles in dance, ones that I haven’t practiced before, such as commercial and urban.

How do you think studying Dance at the College has helped you?

When I first started at Coventry College I wasn’t a very strong dancer, I didn’t have any technique training or performance experience and I didn’t have any confidence when it came to dancing in front of people, but after a couple of months training I started to notice all of those things changing.

My technique from studying the ‘Martha Graham technique’ and ballet classes were making my dancing a lot stronger overall, my alignment, flexibility and expression during dance progressed massively.  I was also learning different styles that I found a new love for.

I learnt to get over that fear of dancing in front of people because my teacher made me feel welcome.

And the friends I had made in class made me feel welcome too, after all, we were all there to better our training.

I became a more confident person overall, not just in my dancing. I also learnt how to perform professionally, in college shows and outside of college. I learnt how to use facial expression, which makes your dancing 100% better because you’re learning to tell a story not just with the moves you’re making. Since dancing at Coventry College, I think my dancing has progressed massively, which has given me the confidence to take my dancing into Higher Education, which I never thought about doing before I came to this college.

What have you enjoyed most?

Learning all the different styles of dance and dance techniques that they offer; this has opened up more opportunities for me in the future because I’m more diverse in my training. I’ve also enjoyed all the opportunities; taking part in professional workshops with people from the west end, performing at events like the skills show and taking part in collaborations with other dance companies. I’ve loved all the performing.

Where are your next steps? What are you excited about?

I’m now joining Plymouth conservatoire, where I’ll study contemporary dance. I’m excited to be learning more and progressing in that style, as well as learning more about the dance industry, and hopefully gaining even more dance experience. I want to start touring with a dance company after uni, which would allow me to travel for a while before becoming a dance teacher.

What’s your favourite style?

My favourite style of dance is abstract and release style contemporary, these two styles, I think, are very different but I think with contemporary you can turn movement into a story that connects with the audience. I think the styles are very beautiful to watch and perform. I’ve also found a passion for urban and commercial dance, I had never practiced these styles before studying at Coventry College, but they have been so fun to learn. I feel I have progressed massively in that style. I have also improved in my choreography; I wasn’t very strong in creating my own movement, but with help from tutors and learning techniques I found it a lot easier.

I love being able to create my own piece, it gives you the freedom to create something that you’re really proud of,

and gives you the ability to find your own style to progress into when you leave college for future prospects.

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