Skills Bootcamp in Insulation helps meet government’s net zero targets
February 24, 2023

Skills Bootcamp in Insulation helps meet government’s net zero targets

Please note: This article was published on February 24, 2023 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Learners who completed the Skills Bootcamp in Insulation

To meet the high demand for energy saving measures and to help achieve government net zero targets, the energy efficiency industry need the right people with the right skillsets. Across the board, there is a real desire and need, to attract new people into this thriving industry.

That’s why we were delighted to be given the opportunity to work collaboratively with Dyson Energy Services, to deliver a Skills Bootcamp in Insulation. This 2-week Bootcamp is designed to educate learners on retrofit insulation.

What is the Skills Bootcamp in Insulation?

Coventry College has been successfully awarded funding from the Department of Education to deliver several Skills Bootcamps, in line with Skills for Jobs White Paper published in January 2021, to strengthen the links between employers and further education providers and deliver courses which meet the needs of businesses.

The Skills Bootcamp in Insulation has been designed to deliver a range of building retrofit insulation skills and competencies.

During this Department of Education funded bootcamp, learners have learnt about a range of insulation measures, including Cavity wall Insulation, Loft Insulation and External Wall Insulation.
They have also been given energy efficiency advice and an awareness of asbestos in buildings as well as working from heights training.

The content is focussed on the fundamental insulation knowledge and understanding training required by employers to ensure individuals have the best opportunity to move into one of the many occupational roles on offer in this exciting growing sector.

Emma Ingram, Head Employer Engagement and Careers Lead at Coventry College says,

“Coventry College is fully committed to helping the insulation industry raise awareness of the regional and national skills gaps within the retrofit construction sector and work in partnerships with employers, such as Dyson Energy Services, to ensure the industry can meet the UK’s government commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

The first bootcamp was a success with the learners

The first Skills Bootcamp in Insulation was a success, with 11 learners completing the programme. Emma Ingram from Coventry College said, “We are pleased to have worked in partnership with Dyson Energy Services to support our Department of Education Skills Bootcamp in Insulation at Coventry College. It was a fantastic opportunity for our first cohort of adult learners to develop technical skills for future employment within this crucial sector and in turn support the UK’s net zero strategy.”

Coventry College reached out to their referral network across West Midlands, including the National Careers Service, Jobe Centre Plus, Coventry Job Shop to recruit adult learners, some of which were unemployed, into the 2-week programme.

One learner said,

“I am very happy with the course. The information is presented very clearly and in an interesting way. I have learned many useful pieces of information.”

Another happy learner said, “I thought the course was interesting and I learned a lot; James’ teaching is very good! 10/10 from me.”

Proud to be educating learners on the energy efficiency industry

Ian Morrall, Managing Director at Dyson Energy Services, travelled to Coventry College to meet the learners on day two of the Skills Bootcamp. Ian gave learners a greater understanding of the role the energy efficiency industry had to play in tackling climate change, reducing carbon emissions and combating fuel poverty.

Ian said,

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Coventry College, supporting them with their  programme. It was great to meet the team and educate learners about the energy efficiency industry and the opportunities within it. We are confident that all the learners will benefit significantly from the Bootcamp.”

Positive outcome

The first Bootcamp was a success. Not only was it an opportunity to educate 11 learners about an industry they previously knew nothing about, but Dyson Energy Services interviewed each learner at the end of the programme, giving them an opportunity for employment.

After a successful interview, two learners have both since commenced employment as a trainee Cavity Wall Insulation Technician and Loft Insulation Technician. Dyson have invested into their training and are looking forward to watching their careers develop.

Our partnership will grow

Emma said, “Working collaboratively with the team from Dyson Energy Services, the College is delighted to build upon the success of the first Skills Bootcamp in Insulation, which has helped to create 2 permanent new members of the Dyson Energy Services team.”

Dyson Energy Services will be supporting the College’s next Skills Bootcamp in Insulation.

Emma went on to say,

“Going forward the College is looking to develop its newly refurbished workshops into a Retrofit Centre of Excellence for the West Midlands area, and further develop a suite of retrofit training courses for 2023 and beyond.”