Pre-Employment Training

Our Pre-Employment Training programmes are designed to help people gain essential workplace skills and experience, with the aim of preparing them for employment or further study.

Sector Gateway Programmes

These short, Government-funded courses focus on interview techniques and CV writing, as well as developing knowledge and skills for a specific job role within your business.

Working in partnership with Job Centre Plus, Coventry College works to match potential candidates with your business, and any vacancies or specific recruitment requirements that you have – similar to how recruitment agencies in Coventry operate.

At the end of the programme, candidates will have gained the skills and knowledge to be interviewed for a specific role within your business.

Sector-Based Work Academy Programmes (SWAP)

SWAPs enable businesses to create a skilled workforce and also support the unemployed by helping them to re-train and apply for jobs in different sectors.

The programmes are designed to help businesses meet their immediate and future needs and help them to grow by recruiting a workforce with the appropriate skills.

Usually lasting for six weeks, SWAPs are suitable for young people and jobseekers over 19 and include pre-employment staff training, a work placement and a guaranteed job interview.

Benefits of Pre-Employment Training

Fulfil your recruitment and staff training needs
Helps you to spot new talent
Offers a level of pre-employment training
Develop mentoring opportunities for existing employees
Support regional job growth and the unemployed

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