T Levels at Coventry College

T Levels

The Next Level Qualification

What are T Levels?

T Levels are a new, 2-year Level 3 qualification for those aged 16-19 year-olds. Designed with employers, each T Level is equivalent to 3 A levels and helps young people develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to progress into skilled employment, an Apprenticeship or further study.

Why is an Industry Placement Important?

Every T Level learner must complete an industry placement that lasts a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days). This is to provide young people with the invaluable opportunity to put their learning, knowledge and skills into practice in a real workplace environment. Industry placements also give employers a unique opportunity to develop new talent and help young people become work ready. You can hire an individual, or, if you have the capacity, can take on a group of learners.

Benefits of T Levels for Employers

  • Attract motivated young people to your business, bringing in imaginative and new ideas
  • Improve the recruitment pipeline for your business
  • Address local and national skills gaps by helping young people develop the skills your industry needs
  • Develop existing employee’s mentoring and management skills
  • Build a more diverse and creative workforce
  • Play an important role in the local community
  • Build partnerships with local training and education providers
  • Save recruitment costs by providing the opportunity to see what the young person can offer, on a no obligation employment basis

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  • Select a learner or group of learners. Our dedicated team will help you to find the right learners to suit your business needs and we can also help you to interview suitable candidates too. Think of us an extension of your talent management strategy.
  • Make sure you are compliant. Get your workplace and staff ready to host the placement. We will guide you through the necessary paperwork, policies and procedures to make it as straight forward as possible for you to benefit from the placement.
  • Set a start date. We’ll make with you to ensure that the placement fits around the learner’s studies.
  • Agree on working objectives. Agree and confirm as to what the learner will do and how you will manage them.
  • Decided if you want to pay your learner. There is no legal obligation to pay for T Level industry placements however, you can choose to pay the National Minimum Wage to the learner.
  • Manage the learner. Assign someone to line manage the learner during their placement, track progress against their objectives and give regular feedback.
  • Write a reference at the end of the placement. Let the learner know how they performed during the placement.
  • Decided if you want to make a job offer at the end of the placement. You can talk to us about hiring the learner after they finish their course, and you might want to take on another learner too.

We are looking for employers to provide industrial placements in the following sectors and roles:

  • Education and Childcare
  • Digital Production, Design and Development

Our team of industry experts will support you at every stage of the process, from making sure that learners are ready to go on a placement, to checking in with you to see how learners are progressing, and making sure you have everything necessary in place for the learner.

The placement is part of a young person’s Study Programme, so there is no requirement to pay them. However, employers can optionally pay learners or support with costs such as travel and sustenance.

If there are other costs that you incur for a learner on an industry placement, such as providing personal protective equipment, specialist equipment, training or DBS checks we may be able to help with these. Please contact us for more information.

T Levels involve more classroom study than apprenticeships. Apprentices are in paid employment and carry out 20% off the job training. T level learners are college based and spend 20% on the job.

It’s simple to become an industry placement employer.. All you need to do is contact us on: 02476 791700 and ask for our Industry Placement Team or email:  [email protected]

There are a few things which you will need to commit to, which include:

  • Providing at least 45 days’ work placement.
  • Agreeing a work plan with Coventry College and the learner. These will include relevant learning objectives that are linked to the sector and the learner’s area of study.
  • Making sure the working environment is safe and allow the learner to develop their practical skills in a safe way.
  • Having a dedicated member of staff to mentor and supervise the learner  and provide feedback on their progress.
  • Providing feedback at the end of the placement.

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