How Coventry College is helping me to make the best possible preparations for a career in the Police Force
April 8, 2022

How Coventry College is helping me to make the best possible preparations for a career in the Police Force

Please note: This article was published on April 8, 2022 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Raj McGarry, volunteer West Midlands Police cadet leader

Raj McGarry, volunteer West Midlands Police cadet leader, is hoping for a long and successful career in public service in the region.

He has reflected on how Coventry College is helping him to make the best possible preparations to answer the call.


There are a couple of key reasons why I wanted to join the police from a young age.

I struggled at school. I often found myself getting bullied and isolated as I struggled to fit in. I was also given a hard time by teachers who told me and my mother that I wouldn’t be able to succeed because of my dyslexia. So, finding a place where I can be part of a team and help others is a huge motivation for me.

The second big reason is that my late father tried to join the force, but was unsuccessful. My ambition is to follow his dream to support people living in the community and help them make the best choices they can.

Public service careers can be very challenging, but fulfilling at the same time – especially in the police. You can be working with people at their most vulnerable, giving them a second chance to make things right, and have a real positive impact on people regardless of their personal background.

Combining these opportunities to do good as a volunteer cadet leader with the chance to learn about all aspects of policing and how to take good care of my community has made for a really inspiring introduction to Public Services at Coventry College.

On the course, I have done a lot of assignments on very interesting topics like government policy, environmental impacts, and employment in the public services.

We have also had guest speakers from the Counter Terrorism Unit, Fire Services, British Transport Police, and Stop and Search teams which have all been very interesting and informative.

One of the moments that has stood out to me in my time at college was when I won the election to be on the student executive team. I was also named head student of the month in March 2021, which was another very proud moment.

I have very much enjoyed my time at Coventry College. It has a great atmosphere and the staff are incredibly supportive. Whether it has been helping me with the course or offering great pastoral support – they have had an extremely positive effect on me.

My goal is to join the West Midlands Police and work in response as I like the idea that two days are never the same, and their caring approach and attitude is something that I hope to carry with me into the next stage of my career.

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