College Library Turns A New Page With Digital Transformation
March 4, 2021

College Library Turns A New Page With Digital Transformation

Please note: This article was published on March 4, 2021 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
The Hub at Coventry College

Coventry College’s library has turned a new page with a digital transformation to future proof against disruptions to face-to-face learning.

The library at the city’s leading further education provider also known as the Learning Hub usually hosts face-to-face library inductions and ongoing practical study support for more than 5,000 students every year most of which has now been taken online.

It means that new students will receive video tutorials of the College’s library facilities, as well as being able to view e-books and use a live click and collect service for books.

Students are able to use a live chat service with a member of staff for support with using the College’s online library system.

Dedicated Microsoft Teams sessions are now also being offered to support all students in developing their study and digital skills. Students will benefit from online help in using the College’s digital systems as well as essential support to development their academic writing skills.

The move towards digital delivery has successfully helped thousands of new students to begin their studies during lockdown by accessing this virtual support, and as a result, Coventry College’s Claire Lyness was invited to share Coventry College’s success at The Heritage User Group’s winter meeting which is a national conference for library professionals within the education sector.

Claire, who is a Senior Learning Resource Advisor at Coventry College, said: “How students interact with libraries is evolving, and the Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the changes that we have made.

“Our library induction process for students would previously take weeks at a time, but now with this technology all of the students can be inducted at once.

“There are of course some learners who struggle with or don’t have technology, or perhaps English isn’t their first language, which makes it more difficult for them, so we have staff on hand to support them with their inductions.

“It was a privilege to be asked to present the work that the College’s library team have done in such a short space of time and hopefully it will help libraries in other education settings to follow a similar process to us.”

Gemma Knott, Vice Principal Business Growth, Engagement & Partnerships at Coventry College, added: “Libraries are a vital resource for students’ studies whether it’s for reading, online research or additional learner support and it’s crucial that our own Learning Hub is geared up for the future.

“The work done by Claire and the College’s Digital Learning Manager Judy Kay during the pandemic to get this project off the ground has made such a difference to students who have still been able to benefit from accessing library related resources and support from home.”