THC Vapes

The Dangers of Vaping

Recent figures suggest that the number of children who smoke is continuing to decline. However, there has been an increase in the number of children and young people who are currently using vapes and e-cigarettes. Vapes and vaping products which contain nicotine are age restricted and shouldn’t be sold to or bought by individuals under 18 years. They are banned in school and learners in possession of them or caught using them will receive consequences.

In addition, it has recently been brought to our attention that it is possible for children to get hold of vapes that are filled with liquid cannabis (THC). This is a situation of grave concern as the risks to learners are dramatically increased. We have been made aware that some Coventry College learners have been able to access and use this substance. Keeping our community free of drugs is of the highest importance and we must stress that the use of or possession of any illegal substance in school is never tolerated.

Vaping THC will have similar effects to using cannabis, but it provides a much stronger dose than smoking it because it is inhaled so quickly. It is likely to result in what would be classed as an overdose. Taken in such quantities in a short space of time can have unpredictable effects and could lead to a medical emergency.


If you any information regarding the sale of these vapes, please contact the police (Live Chat or 101).

Additional information can be found on the TalktoFrank website and details of support services can be found on the Coventry City Council Website.