Case Study: Huge Growth in Male Students in Health & Social Care
November 22, 2023

Case Study: Huge Growth in Male Students in Health & Social Care

Please note: This article was published on November 22, 2023 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Group of Health and Social Care learners

We are proud to showcase some of the 2023 male learners that are extremely dedicated to be part of a well-needed Health and Social Care movement both in the sector and in education.

As we know, through sector analysis, males are currently at a decline within the sector.  Coventry Colleges Health and Social Care department have bucked this trend and they wish to see this development grow by empowering the male learners within their area to promote an inclusive provision.

Since Covid-19 the number of males wanting to go into the Health and Social Care sector has hugely increased which has had a huge impact on the Health and Social Care department at Coventry College, historically a female dominated study programme has seen massive changes!

The vast amount of current male learners wanting to be Paramedics, Nurses and Social Workers but the list of opportunities they can expect to go into with the Health and Social Care field is endless!

Emma Johnston – We have struggled to represent male role models within the Health and Social Care sector and within the classroom through the years despite actively promoting it.  However, I genuinely believe that these male learners and the male learners who have completed a study programme with us within the last 3 years are the future role models we will be teaching about in our classrooms in the near future!

Kirsty Matthews – I am more than happy to celebrate the increase in males in Health and Social Care! It’s great to see the sector developing inclusively.

The department aims to continue this progression and bring more males into the sector by promoting their valued interest and engagement by showcasing our current learners, of which some will be taking a leadership role in developing some ideas for the provision for the next academic year.

Kerrie Wood- It is lovely to see surge of male learners showing an interest in the Health and Social Care sector, in my time in the sector before education I had worked with some outstanding male practitioners leading the way and can see these learners following in the same footsteps!