What’s Next? – Internal Progression Campaign

What’s Next? – Internal Progression Campaign
What's Next?

Progression routes at Coventry College

Now’s the time to plan ahead and decide what to do next when you complete your college programme.

Think smart, think Coventry College

Staying on at Coventry College is a smart move.

Whether it’s to progress to the second year of your course, the next level of your studies or to move onto an apprenticeship or Higher Education programme, taking your next steps in a learning environment you’re already familiar with can bring many benefits.

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Feeling comfortable with your learning environment
Access to support and guidance
Saving costs by studying locally
Fantastic Facilities
Gaining new qualifications and workplace experience
Working with tutors you know
Smaller class sizes

Continuing to study at a college on your doorstep

If you live in Coventry or the surrounding area, it’s likely you chose Coventry College because it’s relatively close to where you live as well as the range of exciting programmes we offer.

Our City campus is in the heart of Coventry and you can continue your programme of study without having to travel far meaning you’ll have very low travel costs.

Feeling comfortable with your learning environment

Whether you’ve already completed one or two years of study at Coventry College, during that time you’ll have become familiar with your tutor and learning groups and know where to go to access the support you need.

Although it may have taken you some time to adapt to college life at first, now you’re familiar with it you can simply concentrate on your next study programme rather than have to spend time learning a whole new environment and making new friends again.

Access to support and guidance

The support and guidance that we provide at Coventry College is first-class, whether it’s advice you need with your finances, personal issues or careers help – we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our Learner Services team can help you achieve success by supporting your progress, focusing on positive mental health and other aspects of your personal development. With this support network, we’ll help you to achieve your goals.

Saving costs by studying locally

In the current economic climate, every penny counts and you could find yourself saving a considerable amount of money by staying at Coventry College.

For our university-level programmes we’re able to offer affordable tuition fees to our learners and signing up for one means you can stay at home while you study and not have to worry about the accommodation costs you’d face if you moved to another part of the country.

If you choose an apprenticeship, we work very closely with local employers to make sure apprentices are the perfect fit for businesses, so whether you’re in college to study or in the workplace, the chances are you won’t have to travel far, saving you valuable time and money.

Fantastic facilities

Our City campus buildings are home to outstanding facilities which enhance your learning experience.

You have access to industry-standard facilities and equipment which support you on your learning journey including construction areas, media and recording studios, dance studios and hair salons.

There’s also plenty of social spaces where you can relax and meet up with the friends you’ve made during your time at college so far.

Gaining new qualifications and workplace experience

At Coventry College we want the best for you and want to help you progress. Studying a one or two year programme may have helped you to develop new skills and knowledge but that’s only the starting point.

We can help you take those skills to the next level and make sure when you do leave us you have everything you need, including workplace experience and industry placements, to land your dream career.

Working with tutors you know

Building relationships with your tutor takes time but however long you’ve been with us, you’ll have already established that connection. Tutors know you personally, how to get the best out of you and how to give you support when you need it.

From your point of view, you can also trust them and feel comfortable when you need that help or additional support.

Staying on at college means you’ll be able to continue to work with and learn from tutors you’re familiar with who are passionate about helping you to succeed.

Smaller class sizes

Depending what you choose to do next, you may benefit from smaller class sizes and more one-to-one support particularly on our university-level programmes which aren’t taking place in mainstream universities.

Feeling part of a tight-knit group can be a key factor in helping you to progress and set your sights high.

Whatever you’re considering for your next steps, we’ll work with you to discuss your internal progression options and make sure you know all about the opportunities available to you.

If you’d like to progress on to a new programme at the College, please complete the form below to book a progression 1-2-1:

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Please note, the above form is for current Coventry College learners only. If you’re not a current learner but would like to apply to start college in September, please visit our how to apply page.

How to apply

Join our Higher Education Teams sessions every Friday in March (10am)

Don’t forget, if you want to progress on to a different programme at college, please complete the form on this page to book a progression 1-2-1.