Two Former Students Come Full Circle to Deliver the Subject they were Taught

Naomi  Dion

Two former Coventry College students have come full circle to deliver the subject that they were taught several years ago.

Naomi Spivey and Dion Williams have returned to their old stomping ground as business lecturers to help nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs by teaching modules such as business management, marketing and resourcing.

Naomi underwent a two-year apprenticeship in business administration at Coventry College, and an access to higher education qualification in business management, before leaving the College in 2015 to study for a degree in business and marketing at Coventry University.

Dion left Coventry College in 2014 with a Higher National Diploma in Business before studying entrepreneurship and innovation at De Montford University. He then spent two years working for a global technology giant before eventually making a return to Coventry College in October 2019.

Explaining her move back to Coventry College, Naomi said: “I have always wanted to be a further education teacher, so once I finished university I decided to visit the Coventry College website to see what vacancies there were, and there was the ideal post for me in the subject that I had studied.

“I was in the right place at the right time to get an interview for the role I’m in now it feels like fate!

“It’s a really rewarding role as you’re helping others to fulfil their career ambitions.

“I feel like I am making more of a difference now than ever before, because more people who have been made redundant during the Coronavirus pandemic are now looking at how they can set up their own business or purse a different career within the business sector.”

It is the second time that Naomi and Dion have worked in the same workplace as each other, and ended up joining Coventry College as a lecturers just three days apart without knowing each other had applied for the role.

Dion said: “I felt like I needed to change my career and had always considered teaching, and when I saw a lecturer’s post advertised in a subject I had specialist knowledge in, I decided to go for it.

“It’s the best decision I could have made. I’m now in a position where I can use the knowledge I have gained over the past ten years to help the next generation of entrepreneurs to maximise their potential.

“I like to mix my lessons up so the students aren’t always bogged down in theory and assignments – it’s important that they get to express themselves in other ways too, such as doing group exercises or presentations.

“If there’s anyone out there with industry experience that is looking for a new challenge or ways in which they can make a difference, then I’d definitely recommend that they consider teaching.”