Staff Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop Services, or ‘RDS’, allows you to access the College Network remotely.

Save the following files to your desktop: StaffRDS2.rdp  (Staff) or RDSManagement.rdp  (Management).

You can right-click the link and choose “Save Target As”, then choose the save location as your Desktop ‐ you should only need to do this once.

Then read this guide on how to set up RDS on your Windows home computer.

Both remote desktop systems will be monitored daily to ensure their successful running, at times there may be requirements to restart services, any connected users will receive a message popup informing them of planned restarts if and when required, allowing them time to save any work and disconnect, we will try to do this outside of normal business hours wherever possible.

Should you encounter any difficulties whilst using the college remote desktop service please get in touch either by calling 02476 791 516 or 02476 791 512 or emailing