A career in the sky beckons for Samanta Sahota

The sky has no limits

Samanta Sahota has always known what career she wanted to go into. From the first time she saw the cabin crew on flights, she knew she wanted to become a member of cabin crew herself.

Samanta completed her Level 2 in Aviation & Cabin Crew and then progressed onto the Level 3 Diploma in Travel & Tourism with us. She applied to become cabin crew for Jet2 and received some fantastic news when she found out she had been accepted to complete her training.

The Jet2 selection process is quite difficult – starting with an application, English test and telephone interview to assess your initial skills, if you are successful at this stage you’ll be invited to a selection day. Your height will be measured, you’ll do group exercises and be monitored on whether you can think on your feet. If you’ve got what it takes, you’ll be invited to stay on for a final, formal, one-on-one interview. If you’re successful throughout these stages, you’ll then be invited to complete a 4-week training course to get you ready to officially take to the skies as Jet2 cabin crew!

Previous students have gone on to study at university on courses such as Aviation Management and Tourism Management. Other students have gone straight into employment and now fly with companies such as Wiz Air and British Airways.

Samanta says of her time at Coventry College, “The course was right for me and the College is great. They have loads of different facilities, but I like that they have a multi-faith room as it shows that the College cares for the students and their interests.”

Samanta’s advice is to “jump into the moment. Once you get into it, you’ll love it. The tutors are fantastic and have supported me on my journey to my dream career.

“I’ll miss the fun of college, but I am so excited to visit the world as I love traveling!”.

Jenny is one of the Travel & Tourism tutors who teaches students and helps them to follow their dreams. She says, “If you want something, you go for it and Samanta has. She’s a fantastic student and a credit to the College. We can’t wait to see pictures of her in her new navy Jet2 uniform.”

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