Reignite Your Future – New Skills And Career Opportunities For Adults

A Regional Skills Recovery Programme is giving adults access to free training across the West Midlands – enabling them to refresh or redevelop their careers and reignite their futures.

Colleges West Midlands have joined forces to deliver a joint prospectus called ‘Reignite Your Future’ which targets prospective adult learners and employers and encourages adults to access new training programmes.

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Adult skills and education are important – giving adults the opportunity to develop their existing skills and acquire new ones.

New skills are also crucial for adults who require support to train for a new role or need to work past pension age.

Coventry College is delighted to be part of this collaboration and offer a range of free training programmes for adults – which include sector gateways or sector-based work academy programmes.

Sector-based work academies (SWAPs), administered by JobCentre Plus, can help businesses to create a skilled workforce or help people receiving unemployment benefits to apply for jobs in a different area of work.

Check out the training and sector-based programmes which are available at Coventry College and enrol now.

Employability Courses Put Learners On New Career Pathways

Coventry College’s Employer Engagement Team has delivered its latest Sector Gateway Employability Care programme – helping unemployed adults looking for a career change gain entry into the care sector.

Hear how some of our learners have benefited from a Sector Gateway Care programme:

Part-Time and Adult courses