Murder Mystery at Coventry College
January 25, 2024

Murder Mystery at Coventry College

Health and Social students showcased their psychology knowledge by solving a murder mystery

Health and Social Care staff put on a murder mystery event across their Level 3 provision as part of their Psychology unit, where learners had to use their pre-taught knowledge from the classroom to work out who the murderer was. The event covered topics such as Infection Prevent, Effective Communication, Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Medication and Psychology as well as ensuring team building and mutual respect was present.

This was a great way to cross-over criteria, and for the learners to acquire key knowledge and skills in a totally different way. All staff played their part really well and got very into it. Learners were able to get out of their seats to investigate and watching them work together to debate and solve the mystery was really nice to see. Staff enjoyed it as much as the learners”. – Kirsty Matthews, Health and Social Care Curriculum Lead.

The event had 100% attendance from all groups and all learners were fully engaged. A lot of laughter was shared and learners were not afraid to ask direct and difficult questions to ensure the staff were very much put on the spot to try and catch them out. The final decision of who the murderer was very much split the group but all learners could provide an effective answer with their pre-knowledge and utilising the clues from the session.  

All learners were engaged and contributed well, I think it was nice to see the learner’s see their staff in a slightly different light. The event was still being talked about when learners returned from their Christmas break and we have been asked if we could do another event within a similar theme in the future.  We are now looking to do something similar with other health and social care learners and continue to find new and exciting ways to deliver key content.  – Emma Johnston, Health and Social Care Curriculum Lead

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Murder Mystery at Coventry College