Wickman Duo Help To Keep Fellow Apprentices On Track
April 23, 2021

Wickman Duo Help To Keep Fellow Apprentices On Track

Please note: This article was published on April 23, 2021 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Mason Busby and Danny Leedham standing next to Wickman branded machinery

Two Coventry College learners are helping to inspire their fellow apprentices as they go from strength-to-strength on their own career pathways.

Enterprising duo Mason Busby and Danny Leedham are on track for a rewarding career with Coventry firm Wickman thanks to the Engineering Technician apprenticeship they are completing.

After already gaining a wealth of engineering and electrical engineering experience and workplace skills, they are now supporting other Wickman apprentices who are on the same apprenticeship.

Wickman is a global developer, supplier and manufacturer of multi-spindle lathes which are designed to produce high quality and precise components.

Mason and Danny are in their second year of the apprenticeship programme and are working towards becoming fully-trained mechanical engineers after making a huge impression on their employer.

Mark Bott, Production Manager at Wickman said: “We started working with Coventry College in 2016 when we began our Apprenticeship programme by taking on three young people following an open day and interview process arranged by the College.

“We chose three bright enthusiastic guys to represent Wickman going forward and they started training at Wickman through the apprenticeship to become fully trained mechanical engineers with a bit of electrical experience as well.

“Two of them, Mason and Danny, are still with us and part of the next generation of apprentices which Wickman have recruited through the programme.”

The Engineering Technician programme is just one of many apprenticeship options at Coventry College.

Mark added: “This last year or so has been a challenge for all but while the college doors were closed, Mason and Danny continued to train two other apprentices online to help keep them on track.

“Coventry College and training staff have been a great help and we will continue working with them as we take on new apprentices.”

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