Coventry College Receives Vital Bleed Kit Donation to Enhance Campus Safety
May 21, 2024

Coventry College Receives Vital Bleed Kit Donation to Enhance Campus Safety

Uniformed Public Service receive bleed kit

In a bid to bolster campus safety and prepare for emergencies, Coventry College has been gifted a crucial bleed kit, courtesy of MC Kit Frames (@Frameskit), a company specialising in football kit frames.

The donation comes as a collaborative effort with the Daniel Baird Foundation, a charitable organisation dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of accessible bleeding control packs.

The origin of this initiative traces back to February when MC Kit Frames held a raffle on X to raise funds for bleed kits. The aim was clear: to ensure that essential first aid resources are readily available in public spaces, particularly in light of tragic incidents like the fatal stabbing of Daniel Baird in July 2017.

Daniel Baird, a 26-year-old, lost his life due to catastrophic bleeding after being attacked outside The Forge Tavern in Digbeth, Birmingham. His death underscored the critical need for accessible bleeding control kits in public areas. Prompted by this tragedy, the Daniel Baird Foundation has been tirelessly advocating for the installation of bleed kits in various locations.

Moved by the cause, Coventry Building Society stepped in to match the funds raised by MC Kit Frames. This financial support paved the way for the donation of two bleed kits to Coventry College. One kit will be stationed at the City Campus, while the other will be housed at the Sports & Uniformed Public Services office at Alan Higgs.

The significance of this donation extends beyond the provision of tangible resources. It aligns with Coventry College’s commitment to prioritising campus safety and preparing students for real-world scenarios. In particular, the impact resonates within the Sport and Uniformed Public Services department, where discussions on the consequences of knife crime are integral to the personal development programme.


Each year, Coventry College hosts powerful presentations by West Midlands Police Precious Lives organisation, shedding light on the profound effects of knife crime. By incorporating bleeding control training and access to essential resources like bleed kits, the college aims to empower students with life-saving skills and foster a culture of preparedness.

Speaking about the donation, Kelly Ward, Curriculum Manager for Sport and Uniformed Public Services expressed her gratitude towards MC Kit Frames, the Daniel Baird Foundation, and Coventry Building Society for their collaborative efforts in enhancing campus safety.

“The generous donation of the bleed kits perfectly aligns with the work our Sport and Uniformed Public Services students have been doing with Precious Lives and Young Responders. we are so thankful to everyone who contributed. From Martin at MC Kit Frames, down to everyone who bought a raffle ticket”

The bleed kits serve not only as practical tools but also as symbols of collective commitment towards creating safer environments for all.

As Coventry College continues its mission to educate and inspire future generations, initiatives like these underscore the power of community collaboration in addressing pressing societal issues and fostering resilience in the face of adversity