Coventry College Gets an Educational Visit from the House of Lords
April 27, 2024

Coventry College Gets an Educational Visit from the House of Lords

Lord Rooker presenting to learners

In a rare educational treat, Coventry College had the privilege of hosting Lord Rooker, a distinguished member of the House of Lords, who graced the institution with an enlightening presentation on the workings of the upper house of the UK Parliament.

Lord Rooker, known for his extensive background in engineering and his contributions to public policy, addressed a gathering of science and business students at Coventry College. His presentation focused on explaining the role and functions of the House of Lords, offering a comprehensive overview of its significance within the UK’s legislative framework.

Students eagerly absorbed Lord Rooker’s explanations, which ranged from the historical evolution of the House of Lords to its responsibilities in scrutinising legislation and holding the government to account. His explanations provided invaluable insights into the intricate workings of British governance.

Lord Rooker

Following the presentation, students seized the opportunity to engage Lord Rooker in a stimulating question-and-answer session. The queries spanned a broad spectrum of topics, reflecting the students’ keen interest in contemporary issues such as technological advancements and climate change. Lord Rooker’s responses were illuminating, drawing from his wealth of experience and expertise in both engineering and public service.

One highlight of Lord Rooker’s visit was his tour of Coventry College’s Engineering department. As a distinguished engineer himself, Lord Rooker expressed particular interest in witnessing the cutting-edge facilities and innovation taking place within the department. The tour provided him with a first-hand glimpse into the college’s commitment to nurturing future engineering talent and fostering technological advancements.

“This was a fantastic opportunity for our students to interact with someone who knows the parliamentary system inside and out, and have in-depth discussions with him about the issues that are important to them and will impact their future lives.  It was extremely beneficial for our students as Westminster and the workings of the Government can sometimes seem far removed from their daily lives, but on 26th April, they gained an insight in to the workings of Government and received answers to the questions which were important to them.” Colette Crowley, Pastoral Manager

The visit by Lord Rooker has left an impactful impression on both students and faculty at Coventry College, underscoring the institution’s dedication to providing enriching educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom. As the college continues to cultivate partnerships with distinguished figures from various fields, it remains at the forefront of fostering intellectual curiosity and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.