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Campus Re-opening FAQs

We know that the latest lockdown restrictions will be unsettling and that you may have concerns with respect to the impact on learning. We want to assure you that we have robust plans in place to continue all learning remotely. Below you’ll find a few frequently asked questions:

What have you done in response to Covid-19? How will I feel safe at the College?

We’ve done lots of things at college to help you feel safe and be safe whilst you’re with us. We’ve undertaken a huge deep cleaning programme, and that will continue. All our cleaning staff wear PPE and all our staff will be trained in our new health and safety measures.

We’re also going to manage the flow around our campuses to make sure that they’re not too crowded, and we’ll make sure that there’s clear signage throughout our facilities.

You will get clear guidance on what the expectations are, and how you can keep yourself and others safe.

We’ve got a lot of hand washing facilities around the campuses.

Will my studies be interrupted by this? What sorts of changes have you made to the way things normally work?

We’ve been working on a range of measures to ensure that studies are not affected, but they might be different. It’s a movable picture but will probably look like a mixture of on site and digital learning. We’ll be talking to each learner about what their studies will look like.

Will my timetable and classes be affected by this?

The timetables and class layout will be different for the next academic year. It’s likely that there will be smaller numbers of learners in each class, and we’ll have clear markings to ensure we adhere to social distancing and meet the government guidelines.

We’re also going to implement a one-way system around the campuses and classrooms, and the timetables will be staggered so that we’ve got fewer people on a campus at one time.

I’m feeling a bit unsure about getting back into an education setting. How will you support me?

We’re aware that there will be many learners that will feel they have been away from education for a significant amount of time. So, we’re going to spend the first few weeks making sure that we’re improving your skills and bringing you up to speed to make sure you don’t feel you’ve lost out during this period.

What about public transport to college?

We’re in contact with all our local bus companies, who will have their own social distancing measure in place. It’s important that you check your bus route and stay up to date on the guidance being issued by the companies themselves. We’re going to stagger our timetables so that we don’t have peak periods at the beginning and end of the day when learners are travelling in and out, and we will regularly review this as we go.

Where can I find more information on your response to Covid-19?

If you’ve got any further concerns, please use our live chat on our website. For further information and guidance please visit

This page is regularly being updated, please check back for the latest guidance.

This page was last updated June 25, 2021 11:53 am