Update on Tuberculosis 

Update on Tuberculosis from Coventry and Warwickshire Community TB Service

An individual at Coventry College has been identified as having tuberculosis. The infection is usually spread by prolonged close contact such as within households. Spread of infection is uncommon in the workplace and places of education.

As a precaution and in line with national guidance, testing has offered to a group who have been in close contact with the individual. Most staff and learners are not considered to be a close contact, therefore screening does not need to be offered widely at this stage. However you should inform your GP if you become ill with symptoms including:

  • Persistent cough getting worse over several weeks
  • Fever and heavy night sweats
  • Loss of weight for no obvious reason
  • A general and unusual tiredness and being unwell
  • Coughing up blood

Information on tuberculosis is also available from NHS Choices, TB Alert or the PHE website.

We would also like to take this opportunity to make you aware that we offer New Entrant screening. If you have recently arrived in the UK and are from a country where tuberculosis is more common, we would like to screen you to ensure you remain healthy and well. If this is something, you would like to consider please call the TB office on 02476 961 351.