College Apprentice Brushes Up On Art To Boost Mental Health
February 15, 2021

College Apprentice Brushes Up On Art To Boost Mental Health

Please note: This article was published on February 15, 2021 and may contain information that is no longer current or up to date.
Adam's clown creation from Stephen King's 'IT'

A Coventry College apprentice has been brushing up on his art skills to boost his mental health during the winter lockdown.

Adam Fletcher has drawn creative masterpieces, including portraits and film characters, which have all been catching the eye.

Adam has completed his Level 2 Business & Administration apprenticeship qualification with a Coventry-based insurance company and Coventry College and is set to move on to the Level 3 programme shortly.

During time away from the workplace and the classroom Adam has decided to pursue his passion for art.

His drawings have been of such a high standard that he has even been able to sell one of his creations.

Adam, who has always suffered with anxiety, feels drawing has given him a welcome distraction and something to focus on particularly during the winter months.

He said: “I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship but I’ve completed the Level 2 programme and I’m waiting to start Level 3.

“Art was one of my stronger subjects at school but I didn’t take it any further and decided to concentrate on IT because I thought it would be more useful to me in my career.

“However, art is something I’ve always really enjoyed so I decided to get stuck into drawing which has made me feel really positive.”

Adam’s artwork includes a recreation of the clown in the famous Stephen King novel ‘IT’ (pictured above) and a variety of portrait work.

He has learnt a wide range of business and administration skills during his apprenticeship so far.

He added: “I think my message to other learners and apprentices is if you feel a bit down or anxious because of the situation, try something new or do something you’re good at.

“Doing new or different activities can lift your spirits and drawing has really helped me to cope during this difficult time.”

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