Food Bank charity from Coventry College

Food Bank charity from Coventry College
Catering students chopping fruit in the kitchen

A charity that is three weeks away from running out of food and drink for vulnerable families is urging others to follow in Coventry College’s footsteps by donating any consumables that they have.

The Moat House Community Trust supports up to 190 families a month via its ‘Grub Hub’ sessions that are held every Wednesday at Henley Green Community Centre – but has warned its supplies are running out due to the pressure that Coronavirus is putting on supermarkets.

Coventry College has already shown its community spirit after staff from the College’s Henley Road-based restaurant donated 40 bags’ worth of fresh produce to help the charity’s cause, and Moat House Community Trust CEO Dianne Williams is urging other organisations to think of them before they dispose of any unwanted produce.

Dianne said: “We are really struggling to source food and drink from our usual avenues at the minute because of all of the panic buying.

“We help around 45 different families a week in the Henley area with food packages, and if we carry on as we are without any supplies coming through the door, then we will have to stop our ‘Grub Hub’ in around three weeks’ time.

“We don’t want to see this happen, so we are appealing to as many organisations as possible to consider us if they have any unwanted food.

“We are different to a food bank in the sense that underprivileged families can pay £3 to access the ‘Grub Hub’ where they can choose items of food – we pride ourselves on providing choice to families.

“Every donation means a lot to us.

“For example, the unused produce in Coventry College’s kitchen produced food bags for 40 children, which was delivered by Sky Blues in the Community to Moat House Primary School and St Patrick’s Primary School.

“The ongoing spread of Coronavirus means we can’t continue with the ‘Grub Hub’ for the foreseeable future, but as long as we are allowed to, we will continue the service by delivering to people’s doors.”

Paul Starkey is Director of Creative, Digital and Service Industries at Coventry College, and says the College is exploring other ways that they can support the Coventry community over the coming weeks.

Paul added: “As a College we are passionate about making a difference to the community that we serve, especially during what is a testing time for everybody, and this donation is another example of this.

“We have developed strong links over the years with community groups at Moat House Leisure & Neighbourhood Centre, and we know all about the crucial role that they play in enriching the lives of families and our students, so when we were faced with a lot of unused food, we decided to donate it straight to the Moat House Community Trust.

“Donating food and drink is hopefully just the start of the help that we will be delivering to the community over the coming weeks.

“For example, some of our Health and Social Care learners have expressed an interest in supporting the old and vulnerable during this time of need, and we are currently working through the viability of doing this with the local authority.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the Moat House Community Trust should email