Avoiding bad hair days during lockdown

Avoiding bad hair days during lockdown

As tempting as it is to reach for the nearest box colour when you see those grey hairs begin to appear, Debi – one of our Hair & Beauty lecturers – explains why you should try to avoid and hold out for the professionals!

Many box colours on the market, contain chemicals that are incompatible with professional colours and a moment’s madness will take months of repair once you can see your hairdresser again!

There are many root touch-up sprays in chemists and supermarkets that will wash out of your hair and cause no damage, look for these options first. You could also try eyeshadow or mascara to mask any white hairs peeping through temporarily.

The colour you see on the box may not be the colour you end up with, so please think about this if you are considering home colour.

If the temptation is too great and the greys and re-growth are driving you to distraction, then please follow this advice:

  • Avoid Henna and colours that contain metallic salts. If you improvise with these then your hairdresser will not be able to colour or perm your hair in the salon until they have grown out. The synthetic, man-made colours and neutralisers hairdressers use need hydrogen peroxide to activate them, and this will react with Henna and metallic salts. They heat our products up, resulting in breakage and damage to your hair. Check labels and, if you must, only use colours that say synthetic, man-made colour on the box. Message an expert if you are unsure!
  • Do not put a brown colour directly over blonde hair – your hair is likely to turn green!
  • If you can match your colour then please always do a skin test 48 hours before.
  • Do the regrowth area only, using a small brush! Overlapping colour will not only cause banding but will also damage your hair, resulting in a major cut once the salon is open!

Try to seek expert advice before using any box colour. I promise you, the banding of colour will drive you crazier than the grey or root area that your having to deal with right now!

Keep your hair safe as well as yourself.

Sessional Lecturer in Hair and Beauty

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