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Interview with fashion student Natasha McCarthy

Interview with fashion student Natasha McCarthy
An outfit designed by Natasha McCarthy
An outfit designed by Natasha McCarthy

Natasha McCarthy

Studied: Level 2 Art & Design and Level 3 Fashion at Coventry College
Fashion Communication and Styling BA (Hons) at DeMontford University

Why did you decide to study at Coventry College?
I heard good feedback about the College from friends.

What course did you study, and what did you enjoy the most?
I studied the Level 3 Fashion BTEC for two years after completing a Level 2 Art and Design course. I really enjoyed learning different textile applications to use on garments and researching different fashion trends and designers.

I learnt about so many different areas within the industry, which helped me to choose styling and communication as my degree focus. I understood that there are changes happening within the industry and how this is reflected in social media and advertising, and I wanted to learn more!

How has your career developed since leaving Coventry College?
The tutors at the College taught us about the whole fashion industry – not only practical garment making, but the business and promotion side too. Having chosen a degree in styling and communication, I have narrowed down even further the area I want to work in. I now learn about how to style campaigns and photograph them, which is something I became interested in during my BTEC course when I started photographing my final collection and making trend boards.

What was the most important thing you learned at Coventry College that has helped you in your career?
Independence – how to manage my workload and timetable alongside a part time job. I also learnt how to carry out my own independent research; understanding my interests has helped me to develop my own image and style to express at university and then into my career.

What advice would you give to those following in your footsteps at Coventry College?
Be the best version of yourself and produce work at your strongest ability, so that you’ll have great future opportunities, choices for university and job options!

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