What is an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are offered by real employers who are looking to employ someone who works most of the time within their company, but also studies at college to gain extra training and gain a recognised qualification.

Our college works with employers to recruit apprentices but you can also find your own employer to give you an Apprenticeship. This could be with a family or friends business, or a local business, where you would be interested in working.

If you are thinking of an apprenticeship but don’t yet have the right employer lined up, why not join one of our mainstream courses until the right opportunity comes along. Apprenticeships can start at any time so you’ll just be keeping your skills rolling forward and improving your chances.

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If there’s an advertised vacancy, like any other employment you have to apply for the job along with other ‘would be’ applicants, this is usually through the National Apprenticeship Service Website.

You would then be shortlisted, interview and if selected employed as an Apprentice, then your Apprenticeship journey will begin.

We can deliver Apprenticeships in a range of subjects, once you have found an employer come and speak to us, or check out the National Apprenticeship Service Website and apply online for an Apprenticeships in your area.