Upskill or Recruit?

We can help you fill a skills gap by identifying new talent for your business or by upskilling current staff members.

Here is a quick overview of these two options:


You can upskill and develop existing staff with an apprenticeship through Coventry College. Apprenticeships are available to people of all ages and are offered at a range of levels, from intermediate to degree level, meaning you can choose a programme to fit your staff.

Investing in your existing staff members in this way will motivate them and increase their contribution to your company whilst improving their future career prospects.


Taking on an apprentice is great way to fill a skills gap in your organisation. It gives you the opportunity to shape the apprentice’s learning in line with your company’s practices and train them in the exact skills necessary for success in your business.

It is a cost-effective recruitment method allowing you to invest in the future of your business by employing young, enthusiastic apprentices keen to learn and to begin building a career with you.

We offer a free recruitment service to support you in finding the right candidate. Please see more details below.

Free Recruitment Service

Our free recruitment service is offered to all employers who are looking to employ an apprentice. We will help you find the best fit candidate for your role.

The process involves an initial discussion with us to identify your requirements from an apprentice. This can be a face-to-face meeting or telephone conversation. We will then work with you to develop a job description outlining the specifications needed for the role.

We will pre-screen candidates to ensure we find suitable individuals for the role. You will have a dedicated contact at Coventry College who will support you throughout the recruitment and matching process and be on hand to answer any questions you may have. We can also help you arrange interviews and notify candidates of times/dates, if required.

You’ll have access to a host of talented individuals who have shown an interest in an Apprenticeship and be able to identify candidates with the ideal skill-set to fit your business.