Higher Education

If you’re considering higher education, then you will want to think carefully about your options. Our superb facilities are located at our City and Henley campuses and they include an Undergraduate Centre and a dedicated study room. We offer a selection of courses with split studying (called a 2+2) where you study with us for two years and the top up to a degree-level qualification at The University of Warwick.  It’s becoming more and more common to take the College pathway to University. Last year that included around 25% of HE students.

There’s a large secure car park on both campuses meaning that you’ll spend more of your time studying and less travelling. The fact that our class sizes are smaller than university groups means that you’ll get more individual attention from your tutor. Many of our tutors are working in the industry they teach, ensuring their skills and knowledge are right up-to-date.

Our tuition fees are also considerably lower than university and we’ll help you access all the financial support that’s available. So if you’re looking for a cost-effective solution, without compromising on quality, the course you’re looking for could be right here at Coventry College.

Higher Education Course Funding

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Higher Education Courses

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