Student news on merger

A message from the Principals of Henley and City Colleges
Good morning to students at both colleges. As we move into 2017 we know that a lot of students will be thinking about their next steps. Some of you will move directly into the second year of education with us.
You may be considering progressing on to a higher level course here at college or moving to an apprenticeship. This information is mainly for you.

“I’ve heard we’re merging”

The local press and radio have both run stories recently highlighting that Henley and City College plan to merge. That part of the story is true – although much of the rest was speculation.

This is the first of a series of regular emails to students. They will be particularly important in ensuring you get accurate information about what’s really happening. Giving students, parents and employers the correct information is a high priority for us. We promise to tell you what’s happening as soon as we are able.

We are currently planning to merge in August 2017. There are several legal and procedural milestones yet to occur so it’s not yet absolutely guaranteed – however the chances of a merger are very high and we’re suggesting that students make their decision on that understanding.

Why are we merging?

The government wants to see “larger, more resilient colleges” and for some time we’ve known that our Colleges would benefit substantially from pooling resources. The merger is the most logical and effective way of making that happen. We’re seeking to grow the combined offering to students and increase opportunities for all Coventry residents. Together we will be better able to offer courses, apprenticeships and training that meet the needs of the growing City. If you want to you can read the government report here.

What does this mean for me?

If you’re thinking of applying for a course or apprenticeship next year the message is very clear; You should apply as normal with 100% confidence.

Both colleges will retain their individual identities at least until September and will recruit students as normal to start in September 2017.

Will my course be cancelled or changed?

We will not cancel any course as a result of the merger. If there’s a demand for the courses we’re advertising and interviewing for then they will run. As far as possible you will be taught at the same campus that you apply for. In certain cases we may open up additional facilities to students from the other campus where this improves the overall teaching and learning. Where this happens we’ll work hard to ensure that no student is unfairly disadvantaged. In other words you’ll get at least what you apply for, possibly more!

What will happen when we merge?

For most students the changes will be minimal. You’ll see a new name and logo running across the campus and all our communications but your class, tutor, place of study, coursework and qualification will stay the same.

If you have questions

We’re not yet in a position to provide answers on every course and every matter of detail but we want to hear your questions and opinions. Please raise these with your tutor.

As we’ve said, we are committed to communicating clearly and candidly with you as the process unfolds and we’ll do our best to answer any questions in the next email so that all students get to share what’s being said.

Also, in early Spring there will be a comprehensive consultation which will run for at least a month where you and other key stakeholders will get the chance to comment on the merger proposal.