Our International English language programme is made up of the following elements:

Our English language programme is made up of the following elements:

Core studies

In this class you will follow a general language improvement course based on a published course book. Your teacher for this lesson is also your personal course tutor and he/she will follow your progress very carefully. You will have regular tutorials when you will discuss your progress and any special requirements.

Language activities

In this class you will concentrate on different language activities to support the Core course. This will include vocabulary expansion, pronunciation, grammar, writing and communication skills.

Integrated skills

You will spend two lessons per week improving your skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will do this by examining a theme of general interest, such as Jobs and Employment, Newspapers and the Media and others. You will also learn practical skills, such as preparing a C.V., writing business letters, preparing for an interview and making presentations.


You will spend this session with your personal tutor who will discuss your progress, provide guidance and set targets.

Self Study

Our Learning Hub is open for private study Monday-Friday. You can also borrow books and use other practical and online resources.