Reading Ahead takes learning further

One in six people struggles to read. However, research shows that when we inspire people to read for pleasure they benefit from far greater opportunities in everyday life, education and employment. Reading Ahead is the gateway to these opportunities. Because everything changes when we read.

The Reading Ahead Challenge from the Reading Agency invites participants to pick six reads and record, rate and review them in a diary in order to get a certificate. The challenge runs until June next year and the LRC started this at the beginning of November.

Inspired to get Reading Ahead, Marta Kesler (ESOL Level 1) managed to read all 6 books (in English) in 9 days! An amazing achievement for anyone, let alone a student who is learning the English language! Marta said “I enjoyed Reading Ahead a lot. I always read a lot, but in my native language. I think I lacked the courage to start reading in English. Thanks to Reading Ahead I finally dared and I really enjoyed it. I’ll read on and maybe in a few months I will be brave enough to go to a bookstore and buy a book in English for myself.”

Marta’s 6 books were borrowed from the LRC which has a wide range of fiction books and reading material alongside resources for students studying a course at the college. So far over 75 ESOL students have joined the Reading Ahead Challenge. They are reporting back to us how much they are enjoying reading and how it is enhancing their learning. As a result, some groups have even formed a Book Club so that they can get together to talk about their books with the LRC staff and their tutor. Claire Lyness, LRC Team Leader says “It’s amazing how the challenge is improving the students’ reading, listening and speaking skills. Sitting and listening to them talk about the books they’ve been reading and seeing the joy on their faces as they discuss them makes it a very worthwhile experience – we are extremely proud of them for taking their learning further.”