Precious Lives visit to Coventry College

Precious Lives visited Coventry College to talk to our students. This project is run by PC Rob Pedley MBE alongside Alison Cope, a mum who has experienced the trauma of losing a loved one through knife crime. Together they tour the region’s schools on a campaign to ‘deglamourise’ gang culture and steer clear of crime.

This project since launching in 2011, has now reached more than 100,000 Young adults across the region.
Rob commented “I see knife crime as a contagious disease and like all diseases, prevention is the best way to cure it”.

“We are reaching out to Schools and College’s to create awareness of the problem but it needs to be a collaborative effort with changes to government policy, sentencing and life style changes”.

A group of our Health Care Level 3 students were so moved by the talk that stayed behind to chat to Rob and Alison about their experiences. “The talk was so powerful and the testimony from Alison, who had lost her son was so moving” said Oarlitie Lifumbe, “It highlighted how small instances escalate to something so life changing”.

Jo Lawrence, Assistant Principal Student Experience said “Our relationship with the police is key to keeping everyone at the College safe. Inviting the Police to speak to our students on various topics such as knife crime helps them to understand the impact of the choices they make and the potential consequences of their actions”.
“Students start to see the police as being supportive and this helps build relationships across the wider community”.