Kelsie pursues new career at Coventry College, City Campus

Kelsi DugmoreCOVENTRY HELPS TO  STEER HER ON NEW ROUTE … as a Bus Mechanic Kelsie Dugmore was a manager in business at the age of 21 when she decided to steer her career in a completely new direction. She swapped the daily office routine and smart outfits for the workshop and overalls to retrain as a bus and coach mechanic. Now in her third year as an apprentice at Arriva Midlands in Cannock, she studies part-time on block release at Coventry College, Coventry.

Kelsie, now aged 24, who lives in Wolverhampton, lives with local families in Coventry for weeks at a time while attending the college. She is breaking the mould by being one of only a few women, and one of the older apprentices, on the course which leads to a Level 2 Apprentice in PSV Mechanical Studies. “I’m really enjoying the course and really glad that I applied for it,” she said. “There are so many more opportunities for women and it’s great to see a lot of companies and the college are encouraging this. “Since I’ve started I’ve seen quite a few women in the light vehicle section of the garage. We do have quite a wide age range on the course, although the majority are young school leavers. “There are not many colleges in the UK that offer this course – heavy vehicle diesel engineering. A lot of the bus companies have to branch out to find them and this College has good facilities and provide the course. “Originally I did a diploma for business management and I have been a business manager at the last place I worked. But I always wanted to do something hands on in the way of being a mechanic or engineer so I thought I’d do this course now while I still can. “Coventry College, City Campus, has good ties with quite a few different bus companies – not just huge providers but smaller companies too. There are a couple of people on my course from small HGV and coach companies. “At the moment, my plans are to keep exploring engineering and discover more about the different avenues and then climb the ladder and see how far I can go.”

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