Catering students head to Spain for work experience opportunity

Holly Tipper (second on the right) is one of five lucky Hospitality and Catering students who took part in an Erasmus project offering Coventry College students work experience in Cordoba in Spain for two weeks.

Holly said “I am nervous and excited about taking part. I am overwhelmed that I have been given this experience to learn about different cultures and flavours”. Holly will be learning Spanish for a week as part of the project but she already speaks Japanese and French and wants to work abroad when she finishes college “with this opportunity they could offer me a job afterwards and it will give me a foot in the door to a brighter future”.

Jack Ogden (far right of picture) started on a level 2 catering course and progressed to level 3. He is another lucky student that was chosen to take part in the Erasmus project. He says “it is going to give me loads of experience and I will be working in different kitchens out of my comfort zone and I am looking forward to seeing how I cope”. Jack wants to open his own restaurant in the future and he said “School and college are very different, at college you get experience of working in realistic environments and you learn practical skills and get the chance to enter competitions. The trip to Spain is so different to what I would be doing in school and it is putting the skills I have learnt at college into practice”.

Lindi Mpofu (first on the left) is a level 3 catering Student who is excited about the opportunity Coventry College has given her she says “I was surprised when I was picked as I didn’t think I would get it. I like eating food and I am looking forward to cooking Spanish food and trying different cooking methods to see if it gives any different textures. It is a taster as I want to work abroad next year anyway”.

Luke Lammas (second left at the back) is looking forward to cooking Paella as part of his work experience as he has never cooked Spanish food. He says “I was shocked when I was picked for this project as I didn’t think I would be successful but I thought I would just apply and see what happensI I am very happy to be getting this opportunity and learning a new language will be good for my CV”.  Luke has progressed from level 2 to level 3 and he wants to open a Rosette restaurant in the future which is why he came to College he says “College allows you to focus on one subject as it is more intense but it has a relaxed atmosphere”.

Beth Holgate (third on the left) started on a level 1 catering course and has successfully progressed to level 3. She was chosen to go to Spain because of her excellent attendance and good employability attitude. Beth says “I was nervous and excited when I realised I had been picked I didn’t know what to expect. I thought I would come to college and get a normal job but now I feel I can apply for a better place now I have this experience to put on my CV”.

This is the first time that Coventry College have taken part in the project and Gary Elliot, Curriculum Quality Leader for Hospitality and Catering commented “We are delighted to be involved with this project. It is a great opportunity for our students and it will demonstrate to them how skills learnt at college can be used across the world. It will develop their employability and social skills as they will have to make their own way to work in a different country and mix with other students on the project. It is exciting to add new experiences to their CVs and learn about new cultures”.

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