Being An Apprentice For A Day

Senior staff at Coventry College are set to get hands on with a new set of trade tools as they experience a day in the life of a young apprentice.

The job swap, taking place as part of National Apprenticeship Week activities, will see Principal and Chief Executive Peter Brammall get to grips with the nuts and bolts of an engineering apprenticeship, while Chair of Governors Sue Noyes will step into the role of a trainee welder for the day.

The Coventry College leaders will be replaced in their respective roles by two apprentices, giving all involved an insight into the demands of their temporary roles.

The day will also allow Peter and Sue to sample the college experience of its 800 apprentices and how that might be improved.

Peter, who will be marking his first National Apprenticeship Week since joining Coventry College, said: “I am looking forward to taking part in the job switch day, who knows it might even lead to some opportunities in the motor vehicle trade for me!

“I think it is important for me and other members of staff to step into the shoes of our apprentices for the day. It helps us to see what things we are doing right and also keep an eye out for anything that we feel could improve their experience here.

“It is all about learning, as well as showing our support to apprentices and recognising the value they have in the business world.

“Giving apprentices the best chance of success and ensure they are on the right path going forward is something that everyone agrees is a priority and it is something we are proud to be able to do.”

Coventry College offers an ever-expanding programme of more than 70 different apprenticeships, ranging from recruitment to painting and decorating, and deals with around 700 companies in the local area.

The 11th National Apprenticeship Week starts on Monday, March 5 and this year’s theme is ‘Apprenticeships Work’, with activities taking place across the country to highlight how apprenticeships help individuals, employers, the community and the wider economy.

Coventry College will be hosting an apprenticeship drop-in session at its City Campus from 1pm to 2pm on Tuesday, March 6 and during the same time on Thursday, March 8 at its Henley Campus.

A Primary Goal Digital Workshop will also be held at City Campus on Wednesday, March 7 from 10am to 1pm, with an apprentice recruitment fair being held at the Henley Campus on March 9 from 10am-1pm.

Coventry College’s Chair of Governors Sue Noyes said: “Our apprentices are going to be getting a great insight into our work and we are excited to learn more about their work.

“I think it is a great thing for Coventry College to be taking part in and I look forward to meeting my fellow apprentices on the day – and developing a skill which is certainly new to me!”