A day in the life of an Apprentice

My name is Kayla and I am the HR Apprentice at Coventry College.

My day often goes like this…

Once sat at my desk all prepped and ready to go, I will firstly check my emails to see if there is anything I need to catch up on before the day gets busier. For example, I often have references and queries off other colleagues which I will have to respond to.

After checking my emails, I will then prioritise my jobs so that I know what needs doing urgently. As I work for a HR department, I have the responsibility to help with the absence management for all staff that call in absent; I have to record the absence on SelectHR. I manage this part on my own and this gives me a sense of responsibility. I have to log quite a few different things as well as absence onto the system and on Excel spreadsheets which gives me a variety.

After this is complete, I will see what is next on my list; this could be completing contracts and offer paperwork for new employees and making sure everything is ready and set up for when they start, such as requesting IT access for them. Throughout the day I will deal with other staff coming in and out of the office, for example one of my main responsibilities is to make new starters their ID badge. Sometimes I will have to deal with people outside the office such as meeting with candidates for their interview; I will then assist them to the right place and make them feel welcomed.

A big part of my role is doing DBS checks for new starters as this is a very important process at the College so I have to make sure that I do this efficiently and correctly.

The part I enjoy most about my job is having some freedom and a great team around me that encourage and support what I do to help me be better. I feel that my manager has been a huge help and teaches me about business admin and what it takes to succeed further down the line.

I’m not sure yet exactly what I want in the future, but I know that I have two routes to go down because of my Business Admin Apprenticeship and working with HR.

Overall, doing a Business Admin Apprenticeship in HR is brilliant and I have had an excellent time so far. I leave the office at the end of every day knowing that I’ve achieved something.