International Agents

To find an agent in your country please see our full list of International Agents below:

Country Agency Name E-mail
All Study International
Bahrain Education Links
Bahrain Alamal
Cameroon World Advisors
Cameroon VRES
Cameroon ALPHA Study Group International
China UK Huiling
Ghana CUPA Ghana Ltd
Gulf Jordan Global Connections
Hong Kong UEAS
Italy British Chamber of Commerce for Italy
Jordan Mayes Education
Jordan Bridge International
Jordan GESCO
Jordan Global Vision
Korea CCPB Education
Kurdistan Lano International
Kurdistan Rony Company
Kuwait JnS
Kuwait Easy steps
Libya Aim Higher Education Consultants
Libya UK Al Nour
Libya? ECS
Morocco Midlite
Nigeria B&S Education
Nigeria Global Education Services
Nigeria IDK
Nigeria UKAS
Nigeria 3AG
Oman Al Ahlam
Qatar Qatar Learning Centre
Qatar Education Basket
Saudi UK CastleHill
Saudi UK UK Study
Spain Olive Grove Group
Spain Easy Go
Spain Interlink
Spain Aula Ingles
Spain SHE Herencia
Taiwan UKEAS
Turkey British Education Bureau
Turkey ASBA
Turkey ATLAS
Turkey Global Vizyon
Turkey Edcon
Turkey Egitimal
UAE Qatar Intelligent Partners
Uganda Overseas Educational Services
UK based agents 
UK (Angola) AGEC Consultant
UK (China) Smart Edulink International
UK (Libya) London Hands
UK (Libya) Moftah Shanab
UK (Libya) Masoud for Educational Services
UK Talib Consultancy
UK Alqhatani Education
UK Eduglobe
UK (Libya) Alateer
UK IEC Abroad

We welcome enquiries from agents who would like to represent us. To receive an agent’s pack of information and details of our arrangements, please contact us and we will be happy to send these to you.


If you would prefer to contact us by letter or telephone the details are as follows:

The International Student Admissions Officer
Coventry College .

Henley Campus

Henley Road

Bell Green



United Kingdom

Tel: ++ 44 24 76 932932

We look forward to hearing from you.