Henley College Coventry – History

Based in the north east of the city, since opening its doors in 1964 Henley College Coventry rapidly developed a regional reputation for the quality of its community-focused education and training.
Recruitment increased steadily over the years from about 200 students on full-time courses in 1964, to over 2,000 today.

The number of full and part-time courses has also increased tremendously from a mere 40 in 1964.

The College has always served the workforce-training needs of local employers; back in 1983, Henley College became one of only 16 centres nationally to open a Microsystems Centre to support the training of local businessmen who needed to understand computers!

The ever-popular Henley’s restaurant gained its drinks licence in 1965, and in 1969 a three-course haute cuisine meal at Henley’s cost six shillings! The catering courses that year were in such demand that the College had to turn away 300 would-be hotel and catering management students whom it simply could not accommodate.

Students were first given a seat on the College’s Governing body in 1972, four years after it opened, and during the 1990s the College adopted the strap-line Student First. Many things have changed over the  years, but one thing that has been a constant is the College’s commitment to providing learners with the best possible learning experience.