GCSE New grading for students

What does this mean for students? 

First of all, don’t panic. Both types of GCSE grade will be accepted, and they always will be. People that have got A-G style GCSE grades will always have them; they won’t change over to the 9-1 grades. The reasons behind the new changes are to make these qualifications better for you and show a greater difference in how you perform compared to others. The amount of people receiving a grade C or above will be the same amount of people that receive a grade 4 or above. This means that there won’t be less people passing the subjects.

There will be a set of test questions given to a sample selection of students at each school. These are not for the students, they are for additional information regarding matters such as course content and average grades for the year.

Students will not have as many exams, as the exams taken throughout the course duration are done so because of the course’s modules, which won’t continue in the new structure. Now the main exam (that counts as your grade) is at the end of the course year. For example, an English Literature GCSE that lasts two years will only have a final grade from the exam(s) at the end of the second year. It may have marked exams in the first year, but they will not count towards your final grade.



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