GCSE New Grading for Parents/ Guardians

Implication for parents or Guardians 

The GCSE reforms are taking place currently and will fully be in place for first teaching in 2018, exams in 2020. These changes have been made to ensure that young people have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the 21st Century. GCSE’s are an important milestone in a student’s life and the reforms are put in place to better reflect the individual’s achievement. The exams have more challenging content; however, this doesn’t mean that they will get a lower grade than in the old system. The same amount of people that achieve a C grade or above will achieve a grade 4 or above. The exams regulator, Ofqual, will ensure that largely the same amount of students receiving a G, C or A will respectively get grades 1, 4 or 7. It is aimed to be equal and better than the old system.

The Department for Education will recognise a grade 4 and above as a pass, and this is the minimum level required for English and maths. The linear structure of the courses (GCSE and A/AS level) denotes that there will be less exams taken that influence their final grade, just the one exam at the end of the course.  Employers, universities and colleges will continue to set the GCSE grades they require for further study or employment. This might have an impact as there are choices regarding a high pass or a low pass. Previous grades in the old system (A*-G) will remain valid for further employment or study.


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