Fees and Charging Policy for Sub-contractors 2017-18

Coventry College is committed to growing and diversifying the range of courses delivered to widen participation and in line with Local Enterprise Partnership priorities and identified market need. The College has taken the strategic decision to subcontract small amounts of provision to partner organisations who can meet identified needs that the College cannot and who can demonstrate high quality delivery.

Reasons are varied and may include:

Quality Assurance
Subcontracted provision is seen as a core part of college activity and therefore the courses, and the students, are treated the same as any other delivered elsewhere in the college.

Subcontracted partners will be expected to meet Coventry College quality assurance standards. The College is committed to supporting, developing and sharing good practice and professional development of staff through quality reviews, operational meetings, observations of teaching and
learning and learner and employer feedback.

The following processes are in place to help monitor quality of provision and actively improve quality on an on-going basis:

Management Fees

The standard college management fee in relation to subcontracted arrangement is between 15% and 25% of the programme value calculated by the software supplied by the funding agencies.

However, depending on contract value, mode and length of delivery and any associated risks, the College reserves the right to negotiate a management fee on a case by case basis as appropriate.

The due diligence process and contractual arrangements will be transparent in the criteria used to set the management fee and the services the subcontractor will benefit from in return.

The exact mix and level of support for each subcontractor (and the associated management fee applied) will vary depending on needs.
However they will receive a high level of support and guidance including:

Payment Arrangements
Payments will be made monthly or termly depending on provision type and volume as specified in the contract schedules. Following the validation of evidence in the ILR return the College will make the appropriate payment to the subcontractor based on the level of income calculated less the agreed management fee, any registration and awarding body fees and any adjustments for reconciliation.

Sub-Contractor Payments 2016/17
During 2016/17 we continued our sub-contracting arrangement with Alexander Godfrey (UKPRN 10047915) for delivery of Apprenticeships in the rail industry. The delivery continued from August to January, we received £22,029 and paid Alexander Godfrey £17,623 in 2016/17. Our partnership arrangements have now finished.