FOI Request

What is it?

At Coventry College we are committed to openness and accountability in all we do. The Freedom of Information Act requires us to make certain information available to the public. To do this, we have adopted the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme for all public authorities. Because the model scheme applies to all public authorities it is high level so they have also published a ‘ Definition Document for the Model Publication Scheme’ for colleges of further education, which sets out what we are expected to publish.  Some of the information we hold is confidential as set out in the Data Protection Act so there are some exemptions.

The main groups of information under the Publication Scheme are:

How do I get information covered by the Publication Scheme?

We make available items that belong to groups in the Publication Scheme. Any exceptions will most likely be for reasons related to the Data Protection Act or commercial sensitivity.

We will publish all documents covered by the scheme on our website. Where we don’t these can be requested in hard copy format.

Will it cost me anything?

All electronic documents on the website and also those we can provide by email at your request are free of charge. Where complex information that requires administrative time to collate and analyse is requested we would make a charge that reflects the costs associated with the task.

Who do I contact if I request under the Freedom of Information Act?

For general information or any publications not covered by the publication scheme contact us here

For specific requests under the Freedom of Information Act please contact: