Data Protection

All of our staff and students who process personal data are under a general duty to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.  Any members of staff or students who are processing personal data on behalf of the College must ensure they comply with the College’s Data Protection Policy.

External requests for information about individuals

We collect a wide range of personal data relating to staff and students for our own purposes and to meet external obligations to awarding organisations and funding bodies.  This data may sometimes be transferred to a third party such as the Skills Funding Agency for funding purposes or to an awarding body to register a student for a qualification.  We only transfer data where it is permitted under the Act and individuals have given their consent, or where the Act expressly allows transfers without such consent.

However data can sometimes be disclosed without consent, where for example it is required for:

Talking to parents

The College will discuss the welfare or progress of students under the age of 18 with parents / legal guardians.  When an student turns 18 we will only continue to discuss welfare and progress with parents where the student has given permission for us to do so.

Data Protection Policy 2014