The Corporation consists of Governors made up of a range of people drawn for a variety of roles, backgrounds and organisations all with a dedication and passion about education in Coventry.



The Corporation is responsible for determining the mission and strategic direction of the College, ensuring the effective and efficient use of resources, the solvency of the College, and the safeguarding of its assets. Published papers of all Corporation meetings are available for members of the public on request during normal opening hours.

Corporation Minutes

Corporation Minutes 24/04/2018
Corporation Minutes 06/03/2018
Corporation Minutes 12/12/2017
Corporation Minutes 17/10/2017
Corporation Minutes 05/09/2017


Audit Committee AC Minutes 05/02/2018
AC Minutes 27/11/2017
AC Minutes 18/09/2017
Resources Committee RC Minutes 01/05/2018
RC Minutes 30/01/2018
RC Minutes 07/11/2017
Search Committee  To follow
Standards Committee SC Minutes 23/03/2018
SC Minutes 07/02/2018
SC Minutes 22/11/2017