Why Choose an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are work based training programmes that allow employers to discover and nurture new talent.

You can also use apprenticeships to upskill existing staff of any age and support them to succeed in existing roles. Alternatively apprenticeships can provide staff with additional support when moving to a new role within the company.

Myth Busting Apprenticeships

There are a lot of misconceptions about Apprentices and we’ve produced this handy guide to help you sort out truth from fiction.

Myth: “Aren’t Apprenticeships just for young people?”
Busted: Not true! Apprenticeships are relevant for anyone over the age of 16 looking to improve their skills and progress their career.

Myth: “Apprenticeships are only for new workers.”
Busted: Not true! Apprenticeships can also be used as a tool to help existing employees to improve their skills and progress in their career.

Myth: “We haven’t got the time to run Apprenticeships!”
Busted: Not true! We can help you to define and deliver an apprenticeship plan that will fit around you.

Myth: “Apprenticeships don’t really add value to businesses.”
Busted: Not true! There’s loads of evidence about the positive impact of Apprenticeships on retention, productivity and overall business performance. 76% of employers say that using Apprenticeships make them a more productive work place. Furthermore, 75% of employers reported that Apprenticeships have improved the quality of their products and services.

Myth: “Apprenticeships are too expensive.”
Busted: Not true! We can help you to access funding to support the cost of training your apprentices.  If you’re an employer with pay roll of less than £3m then government will contribute 90% towards the costs of training. Employers who have a pay roll in excess of £3m will pay into an Apprenticeship levy which will be charged at 0.5% and collected by the inland revenue on a monthly basis which is used to pay for your training.

Myth: “Apprentices only have limited potential – otherwise they’d be at university.”
Busted: Not true! Apprenticeships are just a different way of enabling people to develop the skills they need to progress in their chosen occupation. There are currently 100 degree and higher apprenticeships available with more being developed.

Myth: “If I recruit and train an Apprentice, they’ll just leave for more money somewhere else when they’ve
finished their Apprenticeship.”
Busted: Not true! After finishing 77% of apprentices stay with their employer.

Myth: “The process of recruiting an Apprentice is too complicated.”
Busted: Not true! We’re here to help you recruit, as well as train, apprentices that will be great for your business. We’re experts in how best to engage and attract candidates to apprenticeship vacancies, not least given our students which gives us ready access to insight about what works best.

Recruiting an Apprentice

Apprenticeships offer businesses a wealth of opportunity. Work with us to identify and recruit the right person, or even put forward an existing staff member.  We’ll work with you to craft a structured programme that delivers the skills you need and the qualifications your staff want. You’ll be surprised by how much of the work we do on your behalf, and by how cost-effective Apprenticeship recruitment can be.


Contact our team now to talk through your needs. Apprenticeships can start at any time throughout the year so call soon and we’ll arrange a visit to come and see you.


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Levy Information

If you are an SME with an annual pay bill of less than £3 million, and therefore not a levy-paying employer, you can co-invest with the Government in the cost of training and assessing your apprentices.

You will pay 10% of the cost; the Government will pay the remaining 90%. You will also get £1,000 back if your apprentice is aged 16-18 years old.

Each Apprenticeship has a Government maximum investment ‘cap’. If you are a levy-payer, please email us here and we can help you to manage and optimise your training fund.