Enrolment 2017

Just pop along to the campus where your course will take place.  Click here for our course guide 

CC Course Guide 2018

Enrolment takes place on both our campuses on the same days and at the same time.

Enrolment Days & Times

What to bring for Enrolment

We need your National Insurance Number and to make sure that you are enrolled on the right level course please bring along all your examination results and certificates.

If you do better or worse than you were expecting to do in your exams, or you have changed your mind about the course you want to do, come and talk to us as we will find the right course for you.

Please note that no matter how straightforward we make our enrolment process, depending on how busy we are, you may be with us anytime from 40 minutes to several hours, so please allow ample time to complete the enrolment process.